C3 US-Arab Business Summit 2016:
Creating Entrepreneurs, Business Partners, and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Identifying profitable investment and economic growth factors, including infrastructure and strategic construction projects.
  • Providing the knowledge of how to navigate MENA’s ample commercial and sustainable investment opportunities.
  • Promoting bilateral business and civil society private- public partnerships.

C3 Summit is co-organizing with i-Strategic the 2016 C3 U.S. – Arab Business Summit. This Summit will highlight investment, infrastructure and construction projects in MENA and the U.S., and the most suitable pathways to partnerships, FDI and joint ventures. The various panels will introduce economic initiatives, investment opportunities and business projects, while highlighting the importance of  entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship drive in the Arab world and the United States. Panels will discuss the various ways business partnerships can be established and how to mitigate the various challenges which prevent partnerships from reaching their full potential. This summit will also discuss how the private sector in the United States and the MENA region has a role in furthering bilateral business relations by contributing to social and environmental good.

U.S. and Arab relations rooted in commerce and enterprise are historic and grounded in tradition and mutual interest. These unique relations across the Atlantic have influenced and shaped strategic partnerships, strengthened alliances, supported B2B and private-public partnerships.

The U.S. – Arab Business Summit 2016 will assemble business leaders, policy makers, educators and industry professionals from the Arab world and the United States to bolster and promote U.S. and Arab world initiatives that are focused on strengthening commerce and business relations. U.S. – Arab Business Summit 2016 will identify profitable investment and economic growth factors in the Arab world and the United States, provide the knowledge of how best to navigate MENA region ample commercial opportunities, and promote business and civil society partnerships.

The three tenets of C3 Summits revolve around our vision to build, foster and strengthen relationships between the U.S. and Arab businesses, policy makers and civil society:

Community: create a global platform for exchanging “best practices”
Collaboration: promote dialogue and grow existing relationships
Commerce: facilitate new ventures and opportunities

The time is now to establish and grow your business in the U.S. and Arab World—the C3 US-Arab Business Summit will provide the knowledge “how best” to navigate and reap the benefits of each region’s ample commercial opportunities.